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Vulkan security company is a daughter-company of the Israel Special Forces ltd company.

While the ISF company specializes in providing a worldwide security services, the Vulkan security company specializes in providing security services in Israel.
The Vulkan security company provides the foremost in private protection and security services available today. Whether your concerns are your company, yourself, your family or your event. Our Protection Specialists are the most highly trained professionals and dependable private agents available.

We provide you with the ultimate in security and confidentiality you demand; thereby, creating the "PEACE OF MIND" you deserve.
The Vulkan security company is a group of protection specialists and investigators which comprised totally of agents who served in top units in the Israeli army. Our agents, both men and women, are highly trained and dedicated experts in the field of close personal protection and corporate event security.
Our team consistently utilizes the ultimate in technology for protection services available today, while staying abreast of continuous changes in this high tech environment.

All of our agents are fully licensed and insured. Further, every agent has been trained and is fully capable of administering First Aid and CPR

Our services include, but not limited to:

• Uniformed officer armed/unarmed.
• Executive Protection and escort services
• Concierge services
• Embassies and diplomatic corps security 
• Internal theft & loss prevention services
• Security consulting and evaluation
 הרצל 75 רמת גן  , מיקוד 5244346 
 טלפון: 03-6707001,  פקס: 6707002 - 03 
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